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The newest series of ball valves.
Perfect tightness at low and high pressure. Long life with no maintenance.
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A historic brand is constantly evolving.
For over 50 years Enolgas is a reference point for quality and safety in the world of plumbing components. discover ENOLGAS >


Distributor of valves for South America.
Bongas is a commercial enterprise established in 2002 with registered office in São Roque, specialised in the distribution of valves for the industrial and HVAC sectors and ball valves for gas and water on the South American market.

ENOLGAS Bongas Brasile Ltda is a company established from a partnership with INVEL Ltda, a metallurgical industry and ENOLGAS SpA. Among the products handled: ball valves of any shape and size, horizontal and vertical check valves, taps, filters, fittings, safety valves with electric or pneumatic actuators. All products have ISO 9001 certification.

Costantly working for quality and continuous attention to the customer, whether institutional or private are the salient features of Bongas and continuous investments in research enable the development of innovative technology products, always protected by exclusive patents worldwide. The result is evolving toward solutions that meet the market with the highest efficiency and quality.