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The multilayer pipe
EASYWATER prove to be the most suitable system for the development of sanitary fittings.

The inner layer of the pipes is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-C), which provides the product with a good mechanical solidity and a particularly outstanding thermal resistance. Therefore, EASYWATER and EasyWater prove to be the most suitable system for the development of sanitary fittings.

The intermediate layer is also provided with tape so as to attach it to the outer layer in polyethylene (PE), the purpose of which, is to protect the aluminium against any actions of external agents (oxygen, humidity, etc.). This innovative technological procedure, which is carried out via advanced equipment, ensures the production of multilayer pipes where all materials adhere perfectly. The perfect combination of thicknesses allows EASYWATER and EasyWater to obtain a high mechanical resistance and an excellent reliability even during extreme conditions (high temperature or high pressure). The EASYWATER pipe is manufactured and packed with or without corrugated insulation cover (in rolls or bars). The EasyWater pipe is manufactured unshielded or insulated, and is suitable for carrying drinking water in compliance with the circular letter no. 174 of 6 April 2004 by the Ministry of Health.

The pipe fitting consists of:

  • Brass body
  • Steel fastening bushing

Advantages of EASYWATER fittings can be summarized as follows:
  • Reduced load loss
  • No o-rings
  • No chamfering or flaming is necessary on the pipe.
  • It is not necessary to mark the depth for inserting the pipe.