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Industrial Ball Valves Enolgas

Industrial Ball Valves

Enolgas steel ball valves: complete range for industrial applications

, high possibility of customisation, with manual operation or actuators.

The industrial ball valves of Enolgas Bonomi S.p.A. are synonymous with high quality and manufacturing standards of excellent level and represent an important segment in company production. Consisting of a wide range of items, the industrial ball valve series is built to the highest standards, productive and qualitative that allow Enolgas to be able to interface with different and complex realities: professional, distributors, OEMs, industrial plant installers, designers.
Production begins with the acquisition of raw material (stainless steel) of European and certified origin.

The phase continuous production in our dedicated factories, with latest generation machinery. The assembly and the following test phase takes place under the supervision of personnel with high experience and integrated professionalism by precision tools.

The ability to customise the production distinguishes the range of industrial ball valves of Enolgas and allows to meet the requests of the most demanding customer.
The range consists of different types of flanged and threaded ball valves starting from DN15 up to DN200, suitable for various uses and applications and which allow to approach numerous sectors.
Industrial valves can be offered with manual operation (lever or hand-wheel) or equipped with actuator (pneumatic and electric).


  • Industrial valves

    Industrial valves

    Enolgas industrial valves: quality and high production standards
  • Enolgas - Actuated steel industrial valves

    Actuated industrial valves

    Enolgas motorised industrial valves: customised quality packages

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