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Metering systems

Metering Systems

Energy∙Sat metering systems: the complete service of Enolgas

Systems Division, from design to realisation

With the change of the European directive 2012/27 / EU and the drafting of the Italian technical standard UNI 10200 introduced a series of measures to make the real estate more efficient from an energy point of view with the ultimate goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

In particular, directives have been issued concerning the distribution of consumption in the presence of centralised plant. In other words: if from an energy point of view, a thermal power plant is more efficient than many single small boilers, the combination with heat metering allows the individual user to manage independent thermal, rewarding its virtuous behaviour because it becomes the first to benefit from it direct as opposed to a breakdown of costs.

Enolgas with Energy • sat offers a full range of tools and modules for both direct and indirect.
The production of Enolgas is also characterised by the high possibility of customising the solutions proposals to best meet the various plant requirements.

Starting from the design to arrive at the industrial production of all the accessories that make up a Energy • sat user satellite, Enolgas offers a product that, in addition to guaranteeing the usual quality and reliability, distinguished by its excellent quality / price ratio.
Furthermore, in the presence of building with the centralisation of consumption data, Enolgas offers a start-up service and statistics of data collection devices in order to facilitate the work of the administrator when dividing the consumption.


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