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A historic brand is constantly evolving.
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Dear Customer,

In the last hours, the CORONAVIRUS COVID19 emergency has imposed important regulations and changes in social and working behavior. Our approach is and will be very careful according to the instructions given by the Public Authority.

We would like to inform you that the ENOLGAS CAPACITY REMAINS UNCHANGED and EFFICIENT in production, in customers support and in relations with suppliers. Although we are in a "controlled" area, there are no blocks related to the movement of goods and people for work purposes. The blocks are related to prevent the gathering of people for leisure/tourism reasons. We have adopted all the SAFETY MEASURES required by continuously checking all staff members and giving them all the necessary devices and protections in a preventive measure.

We are available for any further clarification,
Many thanks for the constant trust, Sincerely

Enolgas Bonomi S.p.A.