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A new vertical warehouse to improve our logistics

Magazzino verticale Enolgas

A new vertical automated warehouse to improve our logistics and to speed up shipments. Thanks to this investment Enolgas is able to automatically optimize its performance.
Management of this warehouse is quick and totally digital, as material is autonomously retrieved by machines moving on tracks after such machines have been programmed by Enolgas operators.

Enolgas plant in Concesio was built and inaugurated in 1960. It was subject to various extensions over the years in order to better fulfill the increasing requirements in terms of quality, speeding up and safety. It was therefore developed on more levels situated in different plants.

Due to the fact that production units were allocated on different levels it was then necessary to realize a new “vertical automated warehouse” to be digitally managed in order to optimize our logistics as far as storage and material handling are concerned.
An inter-operational logistic center which has resulted in a strategic project improving efficiency of our whole production system and leading therewith to higher volumes.