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Enolgas Bonomi | New Serie Reverso - Water Valves

New Serie Reverso - Water Valves

Enolgas Bonomi presents the new Reverso Series of Water Valves.

The new Reverso Series is a line of ball valves with multilayer connection directly plugged into the valve, ideal for under boiler or manifold connections.

This unique range of valves combines the convenience of 3/4" and 1" male manifold connection or 1/2" and 3/3" swivel, with 16X2 - 20X2 -26X3 multilayer pipe connections.
With the Reverso multilayer series there is no longer any need for an additional fitting to connect ti the multilayer pipe, ensuring fewer hydraulic joints.
Installation is thus more compact and functional.

The 90° angle versions are reversible: it is no longer necessary to handle right or left inlet versions.

The addition of Teflon on the balls guarantees smooth and constant manoeuvring, even in the presence of lime water.

Visit the dedicated section on our website: click here.

Watch the Product Spot on our Youtube Channel.