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The newest series of ball valves.
Perfect tightness at low and high pressure. Long life with no maintenance.
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A historic brand is constantly evolving.
For over 50 years Enolgas is a reference point for quality and safety in the world of plumbing components. discover ENOLGAS >


The well system represents the synthesis between Enolgas' extensive experience in the world of valves and recently established divisions like Enolgashitech that produces sheet metal structures and the system division that develops intelligent systems for safety and control of the installation.
In order to:
  • Overcome the concept of connection to users understood as an annoying attachment to the water network
  • Rationalising the placement of meters and accessories in places that are no longer "random" and inaccessible
  • Achieve good levels of leakage containment in safety with immediate effect and without extra investment
  • Ensure overall management of the water services increasingly focused on the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increase the accuracy of the water balance, eliminating as far as possible components that are non-specific and difficult to assess
  • Safeguard the integrity of the meter over time.

ENOLGAS Divisioni Sistemi is able to provide complete solutions for the management of user connections by offering modular systems such as:
  • stainless steel wells
  • stainless steel and painted doors
  • recessed / external steel casing
  • external steel column
  • tamperproof lens
  • user lines
  • modular manifolds
  • anti-tamper seal for water meters
  • meter pipe
  • drinking water sampling