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Enolgas built-in water

Built-in series

Enolgas built-in water solutions: maximum flexibility

, quick and easy installation, versatility of composition

The most recent Enolgas built-in water systems include New Incas built-in full bore ball valves for domestic hot and cold water and the Incas Multi manifold in the two versions Multi45 and Multi67. Alongside these complete series, Enolgas offers a wide range of customisation possibilities, thanks to the availability of numerous variants of universal modular accessories. These systems surpass technologically and aesthetically the traditional built-in ball valve for Incas water.
The series are suitable for any type of straight or curved fitting, in copper, iron or multilayer.
A fundamental characteristic and confirmation of the constant attention to quality is the Teflon coating that completely covers the spheres; this guarantees softness when opening the tap over time, even in the case of calcareous or particularly aggressive waters.
The New Incas box, 53 mm deep and the Incas Multi manifold box, 75 mm deep, are among the most compact in their category and allow installation in any type of masonry, even of reduced thickness, for example brick walls. 8cm wide, plasterboard.
The installation of the various built-in water systems is quick thanks to the quick coupling.

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