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Certified quality system

Enolgas Bonomi, committed to guaranteeing the highest quality to its customers, has always complied with the applicable regulations, scrupulously fulfilling the legal obligations, with particular attention to the EU directives, in the international standards and in the frameworks of the Italian Gas Committee.

Enolgas products are approved by the main international bodies, such as S-ICM, BURAU VERITAS, DVGW, P-ICIM, WRAS, ACS, CSA, UL, FM, SVGW, IAPMO. Enolgas is also PED CON Module H certified by Bureau Veritas and has ATEX certification for the production of steel valves.

The production is certified by external bodies and provides qualitative and functional testing to 100% of finished products. In addition, some product lines are also subject to voluntary certification of products, with direct withdrawal by third party, in the production departments during machining, assembly and testing.

As said in order to offer its customers the best guarantees in terms of quality and safety.

Some families of valves are certified UNI EN 331 and ICIM "P" for complying with the standards of safety, reliability and product quality. The pressure equipment meet safety requirements established by the PED, while the industrial stainless steel valves are fully compliant with the ATEX directive, which regulates health and safety in potentially hazardous environments.

A focus on quality and innovation, which can be accommodated only
in one company able to look with confidence to the future.



Conformity in the design and manufacture of ball valves and taps, check valves, brass fittings for polyethylene pipes, tapered plug valves, gas safety devices, electric actuators, and water metering systems.  Steel ball valves and heat pumps.

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UNI EN 331

Product certification for gas valves.


Compliance of industrial steel valves with the essential health and safety requirements for potentially explosive environments, regulated by Directive 94/9/EC, in accordance with ATEX.



Conformity of the pressurised equipment according to the safety requirements of the European PED (Module H) according to European Regulation 2014/68/EU.

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