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Gas Valves

Gas Valves

Gas Valves by Enolgas Bonomi, a story of the highest quality and maximum safety

The wide range of ball valves for gas which includes shelves for gas meters, sealable valves for gas risers, valves with default lock, valves with pressure tap, valves with gas safety devices, represents an important segment of Enolgas production by positioning it among the first manufacturing companies in the sector.

The production of gas ball valves, intended for multiple civil and industrial applications, began in 1970.
Before then, the company, founded in 1960, had as its main activity the production of valves for the food industry of oils and gas.

Enolgas quickly specialized in the production of taps and conical plug valves for plumbing, building and natural gas distribution, obtaining the main reference certifications including the European technical standard EN 331, implemented in Italy as UNI EN 331.

Each phase of the production cycle is supervised by qualified personnel who, from processing to assembly to the realization of the finished product, carry out a series of rigorous tests and quality controls in order to ensure compliance with the main regulations.

Ball valves for gas are for the company one of the greatest strengths, a reference for customers looking for a brand that can guarantee quality and reliability.


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