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Enolgas [node:field_categoria:entity:parent] Metering Systems Components for thermal power stations

Components for thermal power stations

Calorimeters and litre counters

Enolgas offers a complete range of components for thermal power stations. These components are in compliance with current law provisions and meet actual plant needs.
Components required by standard regarding thermal power stations whose potential is over 35 kW are particularly stressed together with functional components whose use depends on the adopted project choices.


Enolgas Contabilizzatori Componenti per centrali termiche

Threaded/flanged flow meter
Temperature gauges and cockpits
Interface to connect pulse output meters with M-Bus network
Data control unit

Thermal power stations included in modern centralized air conditioning systems need to be equipped with particular devices whose different functions bring to control and regulation of heat transfer fluid.

As far as production and distribution are concerned they have to satisfy both standard and functional requirements. In any cases they have to be installed in plants promoting their best operation and application.