Built-in gas valves
Built-in gas valves

Built-in gas valves

Enolgas continues the tradition and renews the built-in solutions

: maximum flexibility, easy and quick installation, guaranteed safety

The recent New In·Gas built-in valves for gas and the In · gas Multi manifold have been designed with the aim of making installation and any maintenance operations quick and easy. For this purpose, the containment shell has quick-connect couplings that have been made with the aid of materials that ensure reliability and durability over time.
The particularly reduced thickness (50-53 mm) allows for installation even in very thin walls.
The closing plates have a modern and elegant design and easily adapt to all environments.
New In gas offers the possibility of installing with horizontal, vertical or mixed pipes and the connections are adaptable to any type of fitting (copper, iron, multilayer pipe) and, if necessary, the valve can be easily replaced without splitting. thanks to its compact size.
In the In · gas Multi manifold, the recessed shell has a convenient 1” side inlet and two downward ¾” outlets, to which the stove and boiler are typically connected.
These recent series flank the historic In·Gas series, which in the 1990s and 2000s enjoyed enormous market success, leading Enolgas to become a true industry leader in built-in gas ball valves.

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