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New Serie S1241V
Water Valves

We guarantee maximum safety and quality.
The series offers a wide range of configurations, including Female/Male, Weld/ Weld, PRESS/PRESS and many more.

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Enolgas in the world

An international passion.
From Brescia to Oberkirch, from São Roque to Pompano Beach. Enolgas is a group capable of overseeing foreign markets, with branches and representative offices around the world.


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Enolgas products are constantly updated
because they follow the regulatory trend
of the exporting countries.


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Enolgas Gas and water ball valves, systems for home automation and living comfort

Constantly searching for innovative solutions

Founded in 1960 as a family business, Enolgas Bonomi is today a leading group at national and international level which exports to more than 50 countries. A structured reality that knows how to meet the needs of the market and able to respond to customers’ demands with flexibility and dynamism: from standard production of brass, steel and ball valves motorised to the design and construction of advanced systems for home automation and living comfort.



  • Warranty mark, expression of the decades of experience of Enolgas Bonomi S.p.A.
  • Leader in the field of valves and systems for home automation.



has long embarked on the path of rational use of energy as a frontier of energy saving, respect for the environment and living comfort.​​​



Energy•Sat heat metering systems

Complete and tailor-made service: From design to construction
Integrated systems for home automation and environmental sustainability: Energy•Sat distributes heat and water domestic hot water to the users of a centralised system, ensuring the regulation and measurement of consumption.


Enolgas - systems

Enolgas qualità


Enolgas Bonomi, aware of the fact that Quality has no limits of time and space, is constantly engaged and oriented to the constant improvement of the product, service and collaboration with customers and suppliers.