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Motorised Valves
Motorised Valves

Motorised valves

Continuous improvement and development for Enolgas motorised valves

The Enolgas series of motorised valves are designed and manufactured by a team of electronic and mechanical designers to meet the most varied technical and application requirements, both in the domestic and industrial sectors. The classic production of ball valves has been flanked by the design and manufacture, 100% Enolgas, also of electric actuators. This allows, in addition to an excellent quality-price ratio, a wide range of versions and models. The fusion of mechanics and electronics allows us to open up to new applications, making the family of motorized valves a constantly evolving field.

In addition to the classic ON / OFF 230Vac / 24Vac actuators, used as zone valves in the thermo-hydraulic sector, Enolgas can offer a series of special products and custom creations, with power supplies ranging from 12Vdc up to 400Vac, to 0...10V proportional controls or 4..20 mA or type H-Bridge or SPDT.

In addition to the classic plumbing and heating sector, our products find wide applications in the industrial, railway and naval, fire-fighting, livestock sectors for food and animal welfare and more generally for process automation and building automation.

The design and engineering starts from the smallest component of the electric and pneumatic actuator, paying particular attention to the quality of the materials and components as well as the overall reliability of the product. The development concerns both the mechanical part, gears and reduction chains, and the electronic board that oversees the entire system. The actuator is completed with brass and steel ball valves, known for their very high reliability and functionality.

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