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Ball bib-cocks
Check valves

Check valves

VALSTOP, EUROSTOP and the new extraordinary METALSTOP

with metal shutter, a jewel of engineering and mechanical perfection

Enolgas Bonomi's "check valves" represent the highest level of development of an essential component for the correct functioning of many civil and industrial applications, where it is necessary to prevent the return of pressurized fluid: circulators, pumps, hydraulic systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, pneumatic systems, booster sets, fire-fighting groups.
A version with a special fluoroelastomer gasket is available for use with hydrocarbons (petrol, kerosene).
They can be installed in any position: vertical, horizontal, oblique.
VALSTOP and EUROSTOP have a polymer resin shutter that moves along a guide and is operated by a stainless steel spring.
The check valves of Enolgas Bonomi have very low pressure drops, are full bore, silent; the particular geometry of the shutter determines a homogeneous and constant flow.
Alongside the classic female / female models, the range has been enriched with new male / female codes, a new solution suggested by our industrial partners.
EUROSTOP is also available in special DZR brass.
The combination of a heavy series ball valve with a check valve integrated in a single body has generated the ROBEX VT "triple valve" Series, an extremely compact solution, enriched by two side inlets, one upstream and one downstream of the check valve.
ROBEX VT "triple valve" excites the specialists in the sector for the functions it collects in a single component and the extreme ease of installation.

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