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Enolgas Valvole Acqua Raccordi

Axo Pe

Fitting for polyethylene pipe with plastic components and truncated conical gasket

Historical series of Enolgas, Axo Pe is an accurate and solid product that guarantees extremely reliable performance. Among the main features: ample guide depth of the tube in the body, useful for obliquely cut tubes, double seal with locking by means of the hose clamp cone and elastomer gasket with a truncated cone section, extremely simple assembly and disassembly.

Material specification

Approved to EN 1254

Enolgas Axo Pe caratteristiche




  1 NUT CW 617 N UNI EN 12165
  4 PRESSURE CONE* CW 614 N UNI EN 12164
  5 BODY CW 617 N UNI EN 12165

* OPTIONAL (on request)



In order to assemble AXO PE, fitting in a simple and proper way, carry out the following operations in the following priority:

  1. Cut the PE-pipe vertically, then trim flashes
  2. Put on the pipe, respectively: the nut (part 1), the pipe grip cone (part 2) and the gasket (part 3).
  3. It's recommended insert the pressure cone (part 4)  into the pipe until it stops.
  4. Insert the pipe into the body (part 5) until it stops.
  5. Approach manually the single components (parts 3 and 2) to the body (part 5) and then approach and screw the nut (part 1) tight.
NOTE In order to make the assembly easier, the pipeshouldn’t be excessively oval. According to UNI EN 13828 in presence of water which could be aggressive for brass alloy, as agree with UNI EN ISO 6509 standard, is necessary the DZR brass alloy. The manufacture is available on request.
AXO PE The pipe grip cone is in technopolymer.
The tapered gasket is in elastomer.
FEATURES Deep guideway for the pipe in the body (part 5) which allows a proper housing of diagonally cut pipes too. Perfect seal of the pipe thanks to the pipe grip cone (part 2) whose jaws grip it firmly without breaking it. Extremely simple and quick assembly and disassembly by screwing and unscrewing the nut (part 1). Perfect tightness thanks to the gasket (part 3) adhering to the external diameter of the pipe. Accurate and solid design for high and reliable performances.
DOUBLE SEAL The seal of the fitting and the tightness of the pipe are obtained by means of two different elements.
The seal is guaranteed by a tapered gasket in elastomer.
The tightness of the pipe is instead assured by the pipe grip cone, whose jaws grip the pipe when the nut is screwed tight.
END CONNECTIONS Ends are ISO 228/1 threaded.
WORKING PRESSURE PN 16 max.(with water).
USES AXO PE fitting is recommended for use with water, air and inert gas. The fittings are suitable for connecting the following types of polyethylene pipes: Polyethylene type 312 high density UNI 7611-7615 (PN 2,5 – PN 4 – PN 6 – PN 10 – PN 16). Polyethylene type 316 high density UNI ISO 4437. Polyethylene type 312 low density UNI 7990-7991 (PN 4 – PN 6 – PN 10).
IMPORTANT NOTE AXO PE fitting shall not be used for use with domestic fuel gas applications according to the standard UNI-CIG 7129 in Italy or others valid in your country.


Enolgas Axo Pe caratteristiche

Pressure/temperature diagram


Axo Pe 1.02 MB
  • H0300

    AXO PE
    Straight fitting for PE-pipe, female, sandblasted.
  • H0301

    AXO PE
    Straight fitting for PE-pipe, female/flanged, sandblasted.
  • H0302

    AXO PE
    Straight fitting for PE-pipe, male, sandblasted.
  • H0303

    AXO PE
    Straight fitting for PE-pipe, male/flanged, sandblasted.
  • H0304

    AXO PE
    Straight double fitting for PE-pipe, sandblasted.
  • H0306

    AXO PE
    Angled fitting for PE-pipe, female, sandblasted.
  • H0308

    AXO PE
    Angled fitting for PE-pipe, male, sandblasted.
  • H0310

    AXO PE
    Angled double fitting for PE-pipe, sandblasted.
  • H0312

    AXO PE
    T-fitting for PE-pipe, female, sandblasted.
  • H0316

    AXO PE
  • H0915

    AXO PE
    Pressure cone.